Hudson Street Stackhouse offers a great neighborhood atmosphere in a fully renovated space located conveniently off the square in Canton, Maryland. In the shadow of the old American Can Company cement smokestack, the Stackhouse serves up good food all day, including weekly dinner specials — from awesome burgers and pizzas to delicious salads and seafood.

The draft and bottled beer selection is superb in many respects, from your belly to your budget. Choices within styles such as Stouts, IPA’s, Pilsners, Hefe Weizen, Porters and many more are plentiful. With economical choices like Natti Boh, to dozens of classic premium imports, such as Chimay and Kwak. On draft and in a bottle, the Stackhouse always offers seasonal and hard-to-get brews. While beer takes a lead role for most at the Stackhouse, the cocktail list is excellent. A permanent variety of fresh fruit demands plenty of use from the citrus press. The 339 Old Fashioned and orange crushes are some of the most popular cocktails cranked out everyday.

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Above all, the Stackhouse family prides itself on friendly and courteous staff. Knowledgeable and experienced, they’ll match you up with dynamite food and drink selections sure to fulfill the most ambitious appetite. Excellent food and drinks, pleasant staff and a beautiful space make the Stackhouse a welcoming neighborhood place to call your own.

Browse our site for more about the Stackhouse, including daily hours, our happy hour and meal specials, and our delicious, varied menu.