Draft List

  • September 22, 2023
    • Draft List 1/31/202

    • Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche Doppelbock
      Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche Doppelbock

      Brewed by Heller-Trum / Schlenkerla in Bamberg, Germany. While for the classic "Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier" traditionally beech has been - and still is - used, the malt for "Schlenkerla Oak Smoke" is kilned with Oak wood. The resulting Schlenkerla Oak Smoke Malt has a smoother and more multi layered smoky note than the intensely aromatic Beech Smoke Malt. The hence complex smokiness in the "Schlenkerla Oak Smoke" is paired with the multifaceted bitterness of finest Hallertau aroma hops. With 8% alcohol and amber color it matures for months in the deep brewery cellars underneath Bamberg into a special treat for smoke beer lovers.

      8% ABV
    • Allagash White
      Allagash White

      Brewed by Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, ME. Witbier is perfectly balanced, refreshing and clean. Lemon up front, coriander, white pepper and yeasty. Smooth & Delicious!

      5.5% ABV $5.25 $2.5 Sample $14 Growler
    • BFM Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien
    • Chimay Grand Réserve
      Chimay Grand Réserve

      Brewed by Chimay in Baileux, Belgium. Chimay Blue is principally distinguished by its character of a strong beer. This is a beer whose fragrance of fresh yeast with a light, flowery rosy touch is especially pleasant. Its flavor, noticed when tasting it, only accentuates the pleasant sensations perceived in the aroma , while revealing a light but pleasant touch of roasted malt. This top fermented Trappist beer is not pasteurized.

      9% ABV $9.5 $4 Sample $33 Growler
    • Chimay Première
      Chimay Première

      Brewed by Chimay in Baileux, Belgium. Noted for its coppery color which makes it particularly attractive, topped with a creamy head, it gives off a light, fruity apricot aroma produced by the fermentation. The taste perceived in the mouth is a balance confirming the fruity nuances noticed in the fragrance. Its taste, which imparts a silky sensation to the tongue, is made refreshing by a light touch of bitterness. To the palate, the taster perceives a pleasant astringency which complements the flavor qualities of this beer very harmoniously. This top fermented Trappist beer is not pasteurized.

      7% ABV $8.75 $3.5 Sample $30 Growler
    • Chimay Triple Cinq Cents
      Chimay Triple Cinq Cents

      Brewed by Chimay in Baileux, Hainaut Province, Belgium. Golden and slightly hazy with a fresh hop and yeasty aroma, this Tripel is one of the best in the world! Trappist beer has fruity notes - muscat, grapes, raisin and ripe apples. Refreshing with a perfect sweet and bitter balance.

      8% ABV $8.75 $3.5 Sample $30 Growler
    • Coffee Stout
    • Cushmade
    • Daytime
    • Dewey Pale Ale
    • Double Ever Haze
    • Downeast Cider
    • Duchesse De Bourgogne
    • Dupont Saison
      Dupont Saison

      Brewed by Dupont, in Tourpes, Hainaut Province, Belgium. The world’s benchmark Saison, often known as a farmhouse ale. It is an earthy, dry, refreshing, yet satisfying brew, with a straw-golden color, that pours with a creamy, rocky head.

      6.5% ABV $8 $3.5 Sample $28 Growler
    • Elusive
    • Erdinger Oktoberfest
    • Flipside
    • Florida Seltzer
    • Founders - Rubaeus (Nitro)
    • Gambino Prosecco
    • Gunner's Daughter
    • High Time
    • Hofstetten Original Hochzeitsbier Von 1810
      Hofstetten Original Hochzeitsbier Von 1810

      Brewed by Hofstetten in St. Martin, Austria. After much research, Brauerei Hofstetten has created an Oktoberfest beer that is as close as possible to the exact beer that was served at the wedding of King Ludwig I and Princess Therese on October 12, 1810. “Hochzeitsbier” simply translates to “wedding beer”. Brauerei Hofstetten is a farmstead brewery in St. Martin, Austria that dates back to 1449 and has been owned by the Kramer family since 1847. The brewery produces mainly artisanal Germanic brews, including this amber beer which is slightly darker and richer than the UrMarzen style that Spaten and others have championed.

      6.3% ABV $7 $3 Sample $22 Growler
    • KBS
    • Maine Lunch
    • Normal Street
    • Palm

      Brewed by Brouwerij Palm in Steenhuffel, Belgium. Belgian Pale Ale is amber, and very smooth with flavors of caramel, hops, toasted malt, and brown sugar.

      5.4% ABV $5.5 $3 Sample $15 Growler
    • Polydribbles #16
    • Reissdorf Kolsch
    • Strange Beast
    • Strawberry Lemonade Stand
    • Tilquin Gueuze
    • Western Edge
    • Wipers Times Blond
    • Wittekerke Wit